Your Boss Hates You: What to do?

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It is a common secret that some bosses dislike some of their employees. But, usually the employees don’t feel any difference at the beginning. Eventually they start to feel like they are appointing to do more work than the others and their bosses scold them more often. And, this will grow and one day you will realize that it is impossible to be positive under such a situation. But, never lose faith, bear and practice how to stay positive. Read this article by heart and at the end you will know all the important points of how to stay positive and to stay positive afterwards.


The first step is very important. It is, confirming if your boss really dislikes you. Once you have positive confirmation about it, think alone about yourself. There must be something you do and your boss doesn’t like it that way. Deeply consider about it and try to change it. Always stay positive because it will benefit you.


Second step is a little bit tricky. Once you have identified the source of the problem, you have to find a solution that the boss accepts positively. So know how to stay positive . That will greatly help you to stay positive. Do not be afraid. Be punctual and have clearer reports when presenting projects. And most importantly whenever you discuss something with your boss be yourself and admire him a little. Let him feel that you know how to stay positive whatever the situation is and you are a good influence to the others.


Last step is used if all the others fail. Others fail means your boss truly hates you and it is his way. Don’t lose faith. Stay positive. You just have to do stronger things to change his/her mind. Read these carefully. Never complain about your boss behind his/her back. Always appreciate him/her even if there is nothing about that person. Make him/her feel that you are someone worth interacting with. Have a different and unique approach in front of your boss. Always remember how to stay positive and stay positive. This will help him/her to have extra concerns about you. And, eventually he/she will change the way of thinking and you will have a better future in your job.

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Your Boss Hates You: What to do?

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Your Boss Hates You: What to do?

This article was published on 2012/03/25